All About Honda Insight Batteries and Their Maintenance

Honda insight is a hybrid vehicle manufactured by the Honda Company during 1999 – 2006. Since it is a hybrid vehicle it runs with the help of a battery. The Honda insight battery consists of an IMA of flat nickel hydride battery. It provides a nominal voltage of almost 100.8 volts and the nominal power of 5.7 amperes per hour. The battery is recharged automatically when the vehicle is in movement. IMA battery package consists of the battery modules, electronics and cooling systems. Here are the few information about these batteries to give you a knowledge about this car.

Features of Honda Insight batteries

· Efficient with a fuel saving advantage

· Low maintenance cost

· Affordable replacement

· Heavy storage capacity

· Runs for longer time

· Relatively supports with environmental conditions

· Pocket friendly

With all these features Honda Insight has developed a great market for themselves. There are plenty of satisfied customers with this car and many more requests for upgrading. A car will be always in a good condition if it is maintained well. Maintenance includes periodical replacement of the batteries, Mile Hybrid Automotive offers them at affordable prices.  Why should you replace? Here are the reasons.

1. Performance declination –

When you are relying on your same old battery for long period of time, then note down you are approaching the problems. Ignoring the battery replacement will not only damage the battery but also reduces the system performance. Replace it quickly in the initial stages with a good quality battery to avoid the critical situations further.

2. Damage of machineries –

Battery is the main power source for all other parts of the car. If your battery is not providing the necessary power it leads to the damage of other parts of the vehicle. Neglecting the fault in the battery will create number of faults in machine parts. The luxurious and comfort Honda equipment’s like AC, Music systems, Electric sensors etc. will gradually get damaged.

3. Vehicle performance

You need a battery power to start a vehicle. Head lights will work only with the help of batteries. Spark plug, power windows, power steering and plenty of other Honda vehicle parts are dependent on batteries. Hence the whole performance of the vehicle may get damaged just because of a single battery.

Replacement of Honda batteries

· Worries are all aside if you are ready for your battery replacement. Honda batteries will have almost 8 year warranty. But according to researches if your car has crossed a span of 5-years then you must look to change the batteries. Replacement must be done on time by consulting the experts always.

· It is highly recommended to replace the batteries in Honda showrooms. Honda will provide the warranty for a certain period and even discount in the servicing of your car.

· Always try to avoid the inferior replacements which are unaffordable. Save the money which can unstilted for the further maintenance of your Honda product.

· Replace your Honda Insight batteries with the same original product. They are made up of 20 individual sub packs with each consisting of 6 – industrial grade-D cell batteries. Avoid getting attracted to the cheaper alternatives to stay away from the danger.

Honda Insight Batteries are manufactured with unique design for high efficiency. Maintain them carefully which maintains your car carefully in return.


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